Chartes’ Labyrinth David A. Dimeo Memorial Labyrinth

Special Thanks!

In addition to the many dedicated volunteers who worked countless hours to construct this labyrinth, substantial materials and goods were donated to form this memorial.

A Very Special Thank You to:

Broccolo Landscaping
Weckesser Brick Co. Inc.
Town of Henrietta
Nory Construction Co. Inc.
Keeler Construction Co.
Crane Hogan Structural Systems
Sealand Contractors Co.
Chase Pitkin


Beyond that, it was the all Volunteer Human Force that dreamed of this creation, moved tons of stone, and nurtured a loving notion into this beautiful trail for all to contemplate and enjoy. Without all of them, this would just be a green field. Many Thanks and Beyond!

Tinker Labyrinth Brochure


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